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how to submit a Blogger Blog's Sitemap to Google Search Console

how to submit a Blogger Blog's Sitemap to Google Search Console

Blogger is one of the most popular free blogging platforms in the world. There are many benefits here. For those who have just begun, blogger is the best platform because WordPress is paid and blogger is free. You get all the benefits free from Blogger.

Friends, today I will discuss how to submit your Blogger blog Sitemap to Google Search Console. So let's get started. But before that we have to know what is the Sitemap thing? And what does it do?

What is a Sitemap?

Sitemaps are usually of two types. Eg html and xml
The html Sitemap tells the visitor or user of your site to help you find out where your site is, or your site, page, etc. And same way xml Sitemap helps Search Engine. If you submit your site's Sitemap to Google Search Console, then Sitemap will help Google index all the links on your site, which is a big plus point for getting a good rank in Google .
Let's start working.

√Step 1: First switch to the link.
Google Search Console

√Step 2: After linking your site, select the site Sitemap you want to submit.

√Step 3: Then click on Crawl on the left side and click on Sitemap.
how to submit a Blogger Blog's Sitemap to Google Search Console

√Step 4: Now click on Add / Test button, and enter the code at the bottom of the box and click Add. Copy the code from the link below so that the code can not be entered here.

Atom.xml?redir red=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

If you have more than 500 posts on your site, you will need to submit another Sitemap. In that case start-index = 1 will replace start-index = 501 and max-results = 500 instead of max-results = 1000 If you want to submit more Sitemap more posts, then submit it according to the above pattern.
Hope to understand. Today, I'll end up here today. If there is any problem to understand, please comment.....😉


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