Javascript 4G.5G for 3G in the statusbar

First of all, I hope everyone is good.

Today I will teach you how to move to 3G in your statusbar, which you like, 4G.5G.6G__ Now we can go to the original post.

First you have downloaded the flat style bar indacator pro.apk from below.
If you do not have xposed installed on your mobile, then install xposed installer apk.Mobile Rooted must be done. Once xposed is installed, please install flat style bar indacator.

Then open the xposed framework and go to mudules and tick the flat style bar indacator and turn it off the mobile.
Then go to Mobile data like below.
Then go to the Connection text type.
Then click on the add link that you see here.
Then in the above, H will be 4G.5G.6G in which I want to. Then click on save.
See ______
This is not really the car 4G

Thank you very much for reading the post. Allaah Hafez.
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