Make fun of your friends by increasing the Android version as you wish. [Root needed]

Hello ... how are you all

Again, I came to you with a new trick.

Let's start.

Today you will show how the Android version of your phone will increase and your friends will have fun.

Remember, this will not really increase your phone's version. If you are just about to go to the phone, you will see the version that is shown, ie, more version will appear.
This trick will work only on a routed phone.

If your phone is not rooted then you can easily get rooted with Google help.

First download the Root browser classic apt from the Play Store. Open the route by giving permission.

Now open the System folder.
Now find out a file named build.prop.
Open file with text editor.
Open Find the text.
Your phone version will be written next to that text.

Cut that version to a new version.

For example, I gave 6.0.1 to 8.0.1. Save din
Now reboot the phone and go to settings and see the version has increased.
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