[Root + SuperSu + Xposed] Increase 3G and 4G coverage and 3G and 4G 5G 6G speed by saif

Hope everyone is good

I came with my second post.

Thanks again to the younger brother.

I can not understand what my third post is going to be. The rules for setting up a super SUU from a connecting route or other route, or the setting of a dynamic color in mobile settings.

Let's start today.

If you did not get 3G when you followed the trick, I would also mean that the two phones do not get 3G in the bag at the same time. For example, my older brother's 3G phone received 3G but he could not get it. But now it gets better and gets more and can increase the 3G speed.

Whatever you need is

1) Routed phone but must have super SU root.

2) Expos Module

3) XBlast Tools.

I can not say whether this trick will work for the people who have rooted through the network. I did not work while my King was in the root, so I got a super SU from King Route.

Let's start working.

First download the XBlast.
Click Here
Then activate with a tick in Expos modules.

After that open the XBlast and use the skin short.

Earlier, a brother posted with 3G Speed ​​Hack. There are many people who say there is no tick. Because of their root King route, neither is the flower to get so much.
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