Increase Android phone performance, make phone super fast.

How are you all
Hope you are well. Today I will share with you How to increase Android Performance
So how to increase the performance of Android
Let's get started:::
Performances that you will get:
1.Improved Battery
2.Improved Graphics, Screen, Images
3. Improved CPU, Governors, I / O Schedulers
4.Ad Blocker
More features are:
- Full memory management / Better multitasking
- Linux kernel tweaks and improvements
- Less lags for gamers
- less RAM usage.
- Sqlite optimizations and faster database access
- Better thermal management and less overheating.
- Increased SD Card read-ahead cache to 2048 KB for faster SD card read and write
- Drastically decreased the drainage of battery
-GPU Tweaks added for better gaming experience
-Zipalign at each Boot for better performance
-Media Server Killer
-CPU Boost Scripts
– Lag reduction
– I/O Tweaks
-VM Tweaks

What do you need....

1.Download Unlimited Performence v10 (2.0.x-4.4.x
2.Download Unlimited Performance v10 (5.0+)
3.Download Uninstall too

Some words:
1. The first time will take a little time to be on-the-go
2. Keep the stock ROM backed up, so if you can have a problem back.
3. Remove any tweak before using it, or you may have problems.
4. During the install, brick the stock ROM and try again.

1. Init.d Supported Colonel.
If you do not have to create init.d, via kernel adiutor apes, karnel adiuter> universal init.d
2. Root Permission
3. Recovery
4. Intelligence

Just Go to Custom recovery and flash your required File and reboot

just flash UMG that enough
1. Doing what I want, I am not responsible for any losses.
2. I tested the mode, I had no problem.
3. I do not force anyone to use that, use it for better performance.
Credit Gose to: XDA Developer
Name: sohamsen
If you like it, stay tuned, thanks.
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