How to convert Any 2G,3G phone into 4G phone esey tips

ReHi guys this is Saif to day I gonna show you
How convert any Android phone like 2g,or 3g phone into 4G phone so let's bigin

You need...
1. Android Devic like 2g or 3g phone
2. Something Android knlwlegkn..

Please follow screenshot and step by step
Step 1.......
1st you go Android phone settings  on your Device than>more>mobile network>network mod> than select  3g only or Wcdma mod only

Step 2.......
Please follow this step because this is important step 
Now dial *#*#4636#*#*
Now follow screenshot..
Select phone information..
 Chosse network catagoca..
Select LTE/CDMA only
Now update or back Android home..😋
Now enjoy 4G speed on you 2G,3G phone...
Bye take care yourself.....

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