Add {custom watermark} to your YouTube channel, which will show up on each of your videos, YouTuber Must See

This post will show you how to add custom watermark to your YouTube channel? Which will show up on each of your videos. So let's see why wait and see...

What do you have to do....?

1. In the first place you can go to any browser and go to and sign up for your account.

2. Browsing from the mobile should definitely go to desktop mode, then go to your channel siting.

3. Then go to Channel and go to Branding.
4. Then click on "Add a Watermark".
5.Then you select your photo, which you want to add as a watermark.
6. When the file is uploaded click on Save.
7. Look edited.
Enjoy now...
If you face any problem than comment blow 😉...
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