Phone Recharge From Bitcoin

BitCoin to phone recharge

Let's see how to recharge the mobile
The SIM can be recharged:

2.grameen phone

And it is not to say that the lowest 0.0032 bitcoin mobile will be recharge

· Go to first
· Country will select Bangladesh
And if you do not want to do it directly at, select the SIM.
Then you can chek with your number on the new page (of course 88 or 88 at the beginning of the number)
After this you will want your mail address,
· With the mail address, select the amount from the left side and pay it bitcoin.
The next page will give a bitkayen address and how much will be sent to it.
And if you send the coins to that address, you will receive a request. Every time you order it, the new address and the time will be taken 14 minutes.
· You have to send in that time.

Before sending the coins, you must rechake your number
If they receive the coins immediately, it will show
Your mail will be sent to a mail. Then there will be another mail during the time of the money. And also the confirmation message will be made on mobile.
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